Craving Cebu Lechon

I’m seriously craving for lechon from Cebu because a certain someone sent me a text to gloat about the food there. Can you believe that I only discovered how great their version of lechon is 2 years ago? Before that time, I only thought Cebu is famous for danggit. If you haven’t tasted Cebu lechon, you are missing half of your life. Seriously!

What’s the big deal about this lechon, you ask. Well, the lechon mom brings home from her Cebu travels does not come with sauce. It doesn’t need a sauce because the flesh is already very tasty. She buys it an hour before her flight back to Manila so add the travel time plus Manila’s traffic, the skin isn’t crispy anymore when mom-bearing-yummy-lechon reaches our house. In spite of that, the skin is still edible. In fact, it tastes good and is not makunat unlike Manila lechon. Another thing, with Manila lechon I only like the skin. I have to drown the flesh in sauce before I eat it. With the Cebu version, the flesh is as good as the skin. Maybe even better and no, I’m not kidding.

I have no plans of going to Cebu any time in the near and not-so-near future. I do love food tours but I want to stick to drivable food tours mmmkay. Going to Cebu just to eat lechon is just insane and a waste of good money. The wonder that is the interwebs has revealed the next best thing – lechon cooked the Cebu way here in Manila! Huzzah!!!

Food Bloggers’ recommendations:

I’m planning to order for our family’s Christmas dinner because last year was a disaster (and deserves a separate post). I might go for Sabroso but if you have recommendations, tell me so!

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