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Part of the Ultimate Pampanga Tour I joined was a breakfast at Everybody’s Cafe. It was definitely not a light breakfast because of the eat+all+you+can fare. The owner of the cafe greeted us and gave a brief background of their business. I didn’t pay much attention because I was busy photographing the food.

tsokolate eh
tsokolate eh
heavy breakfast
heavy breakfast

The breakfast included the following: pugon-baked pandesal, giniling na baboy, suman, another type of suman, tamales, and tsokolate. I loved the pandesal. It was heavy on the stomach and it tasted great. My favorite among the fare was the tamales. I would have gotten several servings of it if it weren’t a full-day of food binge eating.

For my American readers, the Filipino tamale is different from the Spanish/Mexican kind. Although it was introduced to the Philippines by the Spaniards, the ingenious pinoys back then substituted rice for corn since rice is abundant in the Pampanga region. The Filipino tamales is a steamed mixture of ground white and brown rice, ground peanuts, coconut milk, chicken, chorizo, and hard boiled egg (sometimes salted egg).

tamales galore on the right
tamales galore on the right

I am a big fan of tamales and I first learned of it when my mother brought them home from Santi’s Greenhills. Actually she bought them from a man who sells native delicacies in front of Santi’s. Anyway, I try to buy tamales whenever I can. It’s not common to find them in Metro Manila. Oh I digressed. Pardonne-moi!

I can’t really say I’ve tried Everybody’s Cafe because I only had the chance to eat their breakfast food and I’m not even sure if those are regularly served. Hence, I couldn’t rate the restaurant yet but for their tamales and pandesal, I give them

Rating: ★★★★★

Everybody’s Cafe
Del Pilar, McArthur Highway
San Fernando, Pampanga

Everybody’s Cafe also has a booth in Salcedo Market every Saturday.


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