Spanky mentioned Charlie’s weeks ago. He said they serve Wagyu burger for only P270 plus. I became interested especially since he said it’s in Kapitolyo, Pasig which is near where I live. I pass through Kapitolyo everyday on my way to work and try to look for Charlie’s when I remember about it but I only found out a few minutes ago that the restaurant has been staring me in the face. I pass by Charlie’s everyday and I remember noticing it but it never registered that it was the same Charlie’s. The Charlie’s I noticed is inside a car wash. I thought it was just a small eatery. Now that I’ve seen the photos of Charlie’s posted on a philmug thread, I realized it’s THE Charlie’s. Heh. Just check out the menu!

click to enlarge

Very affordable! I can’t wait to try the Black Angus burger. It was also mentioned that the Cheese Steak and Buffalo Wings are good and that the fries are hand cut. I’ll definitely drop by next week!


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