Going back to Fire Lake Grill

My family and I went to Tagaytay to do some errands and for lunch, I was able to convince them to eat at Fire Lake Grill. I made a review of the restaurant last December and I raved about their steak. Of course, I got the Angus Ribeye and although it was still good, I prefer the steak I ate during my last visit. The mashed potatoes also lacked taste for. I think my taste buds have changed. Anyway, I finished the steak and my family liked it too.

While I was smoking outside, I was surprised that Chef Paul Huang approached me and thanked me for the review I wrote. He was wondering how to contact me (I have a contact page here LOL) so he could thank me. I was delighted to know that people read my food review blog and more delighted that Chef Paul read my review. He asked me how I found today’s steak and I told him my thoughts honestly. He wasn’t offended and he graciously accepted it, saying that he’ll keep what I said in mind.

Fire Lake Grill

Chef Paul Huang and me

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