Le Ching, An Old Favorite

Mom first introduced me to Le Ching when I was still in grade school. We often shopped in Greenhills and when we’re famished, Le Ching is one of the restaurants we go to.

Le Ching Too - a 2nd branch in Greenhills

Le Ching is a Chinese fastfood restaurant which serves cheap dimsum. Their popular dishes include Steam Beef Brisket, Taosi Spareribs, Steam Chicken with Mushroom, and Steam Asado Pork. All their dimsums cost less than P100 but if you want them as rice toppings it will only cost you P128. My personal favorite is Chicken Mushroom Rice (P128). It is a very simple rice topping but the serving is generous. The chicken is simply marinated with a hint of sesame oil. If Le Ching’s dishes are that simple, why are they so popular, you ask. The secret is in the sauce. More accurately, it’s in the chili sauce.

The chili sauce is composed of vegetable oil (?), crispy garlic flakes, and crispy chili. Without the sauce, the dimsums are bland but still eatable. As an added bonus, you can get free refills on the chili sauce.

Steam Chicken w/ Mushroom
the secret is in the sauce

If you haven’t been to Le Ching, find time to do so and make sure to eat your dimsum with the special chili sauce. Your life wouldn’t be complete without the Le Ching experience.

Le Ching
8-10 Level A
Shoppesville Arcade,
Greenhills, San Juan


66-67 Level A
Shoppesville Arcade,
Greenhills, San Juan


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