Review: Crepelato’s Fat-Free Sin

I just got back from Singapore and I have Singapore foodie experience to blog about but that will have to wait. For now, I will continue with my Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) logs.

The afternoon of Day 2 was an adventure for me and some bloggers who participated in DFAT. We tried zipline and some also tried Zorb. After our exhilarating experience, we went to NCCC Mall where Crepelato has a branch.


Crepelato serves homemade fat-free gelato. You’re probably thinking “What’s new with that? There are so many gelato establishments in the Philippines.” Well, let me tell you that Crepelato serves their gelato with a twist. They pair it with brownies, cakes, crepes, and other pastries. There are also the not-so-common gelato flavors like cappuccino and food for the gods.

they also serve meals
many drink choices
gelato flavors

I decided to try Food For The Gods gelato paired with thin cheesecake slices.

Food For The Gods with Cheesecake

A very blissful Dementia devoured this. Although the gelato is fat-free, the cheesecake isn’t so there’s still a bit of guilt involved when eating thing. Not much though. The cheesecake really went well with the flavor gelato I chose.

The question now is, will Crepelato ever open a branch in Metro Manila? I hope so cos I want to order my Food For The Gods with Cheesecake again!

Ground Floor, NCCC Mall

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