Review: Going gaga over Chatime

My sister introduced me to Chatime. She first saw it while grocery shopping at Pioneer Center where we usually shop since it’s near where we live. When I first tried it, Chatime was still doing a test run and they haven’t perfected their drinks yet. I didn’t like it much so I didn’t buy again from them even if there was 10% discount during the trial period.

Forward to 2 months later and I have become addicted to Chatime. They have almost perfected their operation and can handle even huge crowds and orders for delivery. I go to the Pioneer Branch because I can make a detour to it on my way home from work. During summer Chatime had a lot of teenage customers but now it’s more of the yuppie set.

My favorite drinks there are all milk teas: Jasmine Green Milk Tea (P75 regular, P85 large), Pearl Milk Tea (P80 regular, P90 large), Chatime Roasted Milk Tea (P75 regular, P85 large), and Brown Rice Milk Tea (P75 regular, P85 large). Customers have a choice on the level of the sweetness of ice of their drink. I always order mine with pearls (P15) except when I get Pearl Milk Tea, pudding (P15), normal sweetness, and less ice.


Large Pearl Milk Tea with pudding


Chatime menu


Their recent announcement

Hanging out at Chatime is also a good experience. I’ve only been to their Pioneer Center branch so I can only review about that branch. The interior is very modern, spacious, and somehow luxurious. They incorporated velvet fabrics and leather (pleather?) to their chairs and sofas. The tables come in different shapes and sizes. There are outlets for laptops where you can use their free WiFi. As an added bonus, the music piping in while we were hanging out there was great. Not the typical pop we here in other places.


cozy and roomy


more clusters

Having tried Serenitea and Tokyo Bubble Tea, Chatime is my 2nd favorite. My first preference is Tokyo Bubble Tea because the pearls are sweeter. Unfortunately for me, their branches are far from where I work and live so I go to Chatime instead.

By the way, Chatime gives out loyalty cards. For every order, they stamp the card and if you fill up the card you get a free drink.

8006 Pioneer St. Corner United St., Pasig City

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  1. I heard of Chatime when you first mentioned it in Plurk. They have a branch in Landmark too which is how I was able to try them. So far, I’ve liked all I tried. Pearl Milk Tea is also my favorite. I’ll try the Brown Rice Milk Tea next.

    • Ano ba yan! Di lumabas yung dati kong reply. You should try it with pearls. It’s a must!