Review: Konbini Store in Greenhills

I don’t like soups nor ramen but I get a craving from time to time. When I’m craving for ramen, I head to Konbini Store in Greenhills, San Juan. Konbini Store is only 20 minutes from my place in Pasig, that is if there is no traffic.


Konbini Store is a Japanese grocery. It sells candies, chocolates, junk food, instant noodles, ingredients, beverages, ice cream, and more at exorbitant prices. If you want to shop Japanese food, go to Little Tokyo instead. The groceries there like Sakura and Chotto Stop are much much cheaper and has much to offer. Even though Konbini is pricier, folks who live in San Juan shop there because it’s more convenient. The Greenhills residents are rich too so the price probably doesn’t matter much to them.

Besides grocery items, Konbini has a kitchen for those who want to eat or take-out authentic Japanese food. For those who want to eat in, Konbini set up an eatery inside the store. People can order Japanese street food from a glass booth in front where the cooks will also cook the goodies. If you want ramen and/or gyoza instead, go to the cashier and they’ll give you a menu of what they offer. You pay for your order there and the food will be cooked in the kitchen at the back of the store while you wait in the eating area.

When I go to Konbini, I always order their Shoyu Ramen (P230) and Kani Cream (P65 per piece). Their gyoza is so-so. I also suggest their Pita Pan Yakiniku (P180) and Tonkatsu (P175 per piece).

I was forbidden by their waiter to take photos of the food but I figured that since I paid for the food, I have the right to take photos. Still, I took them discretely lest the kitchen force me to leave the place.


Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu Ramen is a delight to the senses. It smells comforting and it is very tasty. The broth’s ingredients is a closely guarded secret. Such is the way of ramen shops in Japan. When I eat their ramen, I only eat a little of the noodles because they fill me up fast. Instead, I slurp the delicious broth, eat the egg, veggies, and the nori strip.


Kani Cream

Kani Cream is creamy crab goodness which I can keep on eating.



As I said earlier, the Gyoza is just so-so. Many are left untouched when I leave the table.

If you want to try Konbini Store, I suggest you go there at odd hours because it gets very busy at lunch and dinner.


Konbini Store
57 Connecticut St., Northeast Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila
(02) 722-4263

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  1. They stopped me from taking a cellphone photo of the food I bought before. Not blogger-friendly at all which is such a waste because they have stuff worth sharing and they’re not exactly a crowd drawer.

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