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this turns into a night club after dinner
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A couple of weeks ago, Spanky Enriquez invited me to a bloggers VIP night at Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge. I’ve never been there but my sister hangs out there with her friends and/or boyfriend sometimes so I accepted the invite out of curiosity. I came early because I had to drop off my mom at a meeting in the Fort area. When I arrived at the VIP room, only Spanky was there and we chatted until more guests arrived. I browsed the menu and decided to order the Roasted Bone Marrow (290) for myself.

food review
Roasted Bone Marrow

The Roasted Bone Marrow is topped with gremolata and served with caramelized onions and toasted baguette. The marrow itself is herbed and slightly toasted. It’s good with the rock salt and caramelized onion and baguette. I invited the other bloggers to taste it and they seem to like it too.

Relik brought out a number of food to try: Tasting Board, Baked Australian Brie, Quesadillas, Potato Chips with Truffle Oil, Chorizig, Deep Fried Manchego Cheese, Relik’s Mixed Paella, Mussels and Chorizo, Mother Ann’s Braised Ox Tail, Benny’s Certified Angus Rib Eye Steak (300g) and Vanilla & Amaretto Panacotta.

food review
Tasting Board

Tasting Board (P490) comes with 15 months Jamon Serrano sliced so thin, boneless “Diego Martin”, Chorizo Pamplona “Casedemont,” stuffed “Serpis” Spanish olives, 6 months Manchego “Artequeso, and toasted baguette. The meats are imported from Spain and the manchego is shipped from Davao. This makes for a great appetizer or if you’re at Reliks to drink, this makes for a great “pulutan.”

food review
Baked Australian Brie

The Baked Australian Brie (P530) is my favorite. It is a creamy Yarra Valley Brie wrapped in jamon and lightly glazed with honey. From the description alone, you can probably imagine all kinds of flavors a bite of this will bring you. The brie alone is divine but add jamon and I felt like I was in heaven. We finished this in a blink of an eye.

food review

Quesadillas (P300) comes in three variants: Garlic Shrimp, Pulled Pork, and BBQ Chicken. It is served with tomato salsa and guacamola.  If I am not mistaken, the one served to us was garlic shrimp. It was really delicious but I was only able to eat one. I wanted more I can’t be greedy.

food review
Potato Chips with Truffle Oil

I couldn’t find the Potato Chips with Truffle Oil in the menu. I think this was made specially for us. Truffle oil makes everything taste better!

food review

The Chorizig (P295) is a crowd favorite. It is Relik’s version of sisig but instead of pork innards, they used crispy chorizo bits. It is one of my favorites as well.

food review
Deep Friend Manchego Cheese

Deep Fried Manchego Cheese (P300) is served cubed and coated in Panko bread crumbs. It is lightly coated in honey and cayenne pepper. The gooey cheese is delightful and is one of my favorites as well.

food review
Relik's Mixed Paella

Relik’s Mixed Paella (P820) is good for 8 to 10 people. It was moist, juicy, and tasty. The seafood and vegetables were fresh and the eggs were perfectly cooked. This is how paella is done!

food review
Mussels and Chorizo

Mussels and Chorizo (P330) is New Zealand green mussels sautéed in garlic cream and Spanish chorizo. I’m not a big fan or mussels so this is just so-so for me.

food review
Mother Ann's Braised Ox Tail

Mother Ann’s Braised Ox Tail (P450) is a home runner! It is slow braised Australian ox tails served with pomme purée and buttered carrots. The ox tail is very tender and the sauce is unforgettable.

food review
Benny's Certified Angus Rib Eye (300g)

Benny’s Certified Angus Rib Eye (P1,150) is how I want my steak down. The rubbing is simple, just pepper and salt. The burnt butter sauce makes this steak a killer. A definite favorite of mine.

food review
Vanilla & Amaretto Panacotta

Lastly, we had a Vanilla & Amaretto Panacotta (P160) for dessert. It was a joy eating this. It wasn’t too sweet, it was just right. Plus there were vanilla seeds in the panacotta so we knew Relik uses the finest ingredients.

All of us were so full after trying all Relik brought out. I stayed there with some bloggers and chatted the night away. It was really fun. Good food, good company, good conversation – what more could I ask for?

My sister hasn’t tried the food there. I hope that if she reads this, she’ll actually order something the next time she’s at Relik. I will definitely go back, probably to have lunch there or a dinner with friends. I just hope it’s not too crowded because I hate crowds.


Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge
2F Commercenter Building
31st Ave cor. 4th St.
Bonifacio Global City

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