Review: Mad Mark’s Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts

Two weeks ago, Eloisa and I met up late and looked for somewhere to hang out in Kapitolyo. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Mad Mark’s so we decided to go there when we saw that the shop was still open.


Ambiance, Design & Space

Mad Mark’s must be around 60 square meters small. From what I’ve heard, seating can be hard especially during lunch and dinner even on weekdays. I believe that since I saw only one empty table when we came in and it was already past 10 PM on a Saturday.

The backless chairs aren’t comfortable but I think that’s intentional so diners wouldn’t hang out there forever. I may be wrong because the dim lighting and the nice paintings made us comfy enough to stay there past their closing time.

Mad Mark’s doesn’t have a parking space but car owners can park along East Kapitol Drive.

Rating: ★★★½☆



The thing that impressed me the most about Mad Mark’s is their staff. They were able to answer our questions (that should always be the case) and met all our demands. They allowed us to stay after closing hours and even accommodated another group of diners. I’ve had many experiences where the staff would shoo us away once the clock hits closing time or even before that so Mad Mark’s staff’s hospitality is a big deal for me.

Rating: ★★★★★

Food and Price

I’ve already eaten dinner but after seeing the menu and the other customers eating, I decided to eat again. The Mariner sandwich caught my fancy, Eloisa got the chicken wings with fries.

Mariner with Herb Parmesan Fries. BTW, there’s a wooden board underneath the paper

Mad Mark’s sandwiches come in 2 sizes: full sandwiches which they call “Man Sandwich” and half which they call “Just Sandwich.” Good thing the half ones aren’t called “Girl Sandwiches” or I would have called out their sexism. The Mariner (P220 for Man, P150 for Just Sandwich) is their version of fish fillet sandwich served in Mariner sauce and ciabatta bread. I chose it because I was already full (or so I thought) and it’s one of their best sellers. I added a side of Herb Parmesan Fries (P50, for Cajun Fries it’s P40) to go with the sandwich. The ciabatta bread was lightly stove-top grilled with no indication of overcooking. The fish fillet was deep-fried and still succulent inside. The mariner sauce was okay, nothing special. I was disappointed with the Herb Parmesan Fries but only slightly. I found it lacking in salt and taste which is a shame because it looked so good.

Zing Wings ‘N Grains with Cajun Fries

I almost always taste the orders of my companions. It’s a bad habit which my friends tolerate. (Gotta love them friends!) So I tried Eloisa’s order of 4 pcs. Zing Wings N’ Grains (P195) plus Cajun Fries sides (P40 I think) and my toes curled so I ordered one for myself. The restaurant was already closed but the good staff accommodated my order and Eloisa’s take-out for her sister. Going back, the chicken wings were zesty! Perfectly deep-fried grain-coated tangy wings. It went very well with the Cajun Fries which tastes like National Sports Grill’s Firecracker Fries, it has a smokey and slightly spicy flavor. I’ll order this again when I go back. BTW, those of you who have sharp eyes would have noticed that there are only 3 pieces of wings in my photo. I already ate one wing before I remembered that I needed a photo for this blog post. That happens to me a lot. Yeah bad food blogger, this Dementia.

Half-Baked Madagascar Ice Cream
ice cream flavors

Mad Mark’s other crowd-drawer is their home-churned ice cream. They had 14 exotic flavors when we were there. They claim that they’re all freshly made from natural ingredients and I believe them. I ordered a scoop of Half-Baked Madagascar (P68) which is ice cream with Madagascar Vanilla Beans and half-baked cookie dough. It was superb! I found the ice cream’s sweetness just right and the cookie dough bits were pleasant to nibble on. The size of one scoop is generous too. If I’m not mistaken, the serving size of the cup it came in is 12 oz. Whatever size it is, it’s good value for my money. Mad Mark’s comes up with new flavors every so often which they announce on their Facebook page.

Rating: ★★★★☆

I will definitely come back to Mad Mark’s. I want to try their pasta dishes and other sandwiches. I’ll also come back for their ice cream! I’ll just make sure to go there during the off-peak hours.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Mad Mark’s Man Sandwich + Frozen D
23 East Kapitol Drive
Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Tel. No. 3426802

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