Dementia Recommends: Carmen’s Best Artisinal Ice Cream


I first learned about the existence of Carmen’s Best Artisinal Ice Cream from one of those group buy sites proliferating the Philippine internet. I checked it out and thought that the price is too expensive for ice cream. Then one day after feasting on ramen at Konbini, I decided to check out the new bakeshop near it called Angel’s Kitchen. I only checked out the take out section. I was looking at the breads when my eyes fell on a small freezer of Carmen’s Best treats. Since I wasn’t interested in the other food in the shop, I decided to give Carmen’s Best a try. I asked the lady there what the most sellable flavor is and she said it’s the Salted Caramel which just so happens to be one of my favorite things in the world. It costs P350 but since I have some money then I decided to take one home with me.

As soon as I got home, I got a teaspoon and dove into the ice cream. It was bliss! I took everything to my mom’s room and made her try it and she loved it too. The ice cream is so thick, creamy and smooth. The sweetness is perfect for our palate. Mom told me to buy her a tub the next day since I’ll be in Greenhills for my barista class (more on the barista experience soon). Unfortunately, I got sick the next day and never got to go to Angel’s Kitchen. I did check out Carmen’s Best website and Facebook page. It turns out that they have a lot of pick-up points and one of them is near where we live.

A few days later I called one of the Makati pick-up points since I was in the area but they gave me another number to call. I was mobile and I didn’t have a paper and pen handy. So instead of that, I called the one near where I live and asked if they have Salted Caramel in stock. They did! I told her I would drop by that night. Once there, Ms. Marissa Montoya said she only has 1 tub of Salted Caramel. I wanted to buy 2 because the one I have was nada. I bought the Salted Caramel for mom and tried the Malted Milk for myself. We, well I, have been hooked ever since. When mom found out how much calories are in a tub (1,500!), she stayed away from it. Not me. I now regularly buy from mysukingpick-up point once a week.

I always get Salted Caramel and Malted Milk. Marissa recommended Butter Pecan and Rocky Road but kept on postponing trying them for another week. It was only this week that I bought Butter Pecan. It is indeed buttery but I prefer a thicker texture so I won’t be buying that flavor again.

Well I highly recommend this artisinal ice cream. If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, I don’t have qualms about fats and calories. If you are like me and want to try Carmen’s Best, their website is at The pick-up points and the flavors Carmen’s Best offers are listed there.

I guess this is now my comfort food ever since Haagen Dazs left our shores.



  • Cool blog. I used to buy Carmen’s Best when I lived in Salcedo. The Malted Milk is really good. Now I am living in BGC, in fact right around the corner from ROSE where they have the most AMAZING home-made ice cream. They have a new site for it where my wife and I just now ordered and scheduled delivery of all our Christmas gifts. We were directed from their facebook page to

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