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I heard about Mitsuyado Sei-men from Kat Sales’ plurk and yesterday I decided to go there for late lunch. I decided to try the Sichuan Tan Tan Tsukemen (Regular: P280; Large: P320) which I based on the waitress’ recommendation. I also decided to get an extra topping of the Double Cheese Sauce (P90) because some food bloggers were raving about it. While waiting for my order, I took photos with my mobile phone.

food review

restaurant review

I love the vintage Japanese look of the restaurant. Clearly the owners of Mitsuyado Sei-men, who also owns UCC Philippines, spent a lot for the interior decorations of the restaurant. I’m afraid it’s just novelty though after I tasted what I ordered.

food review
What I ordered

Every order of Tsukemen comes with free cold or hot tea, Oolong I think. It’s still a fast food place though but pricey. I liked the Double Cheese Sauce even if it smells like the poop of my cats. The Sichuan Tan Tan Men is okay but I can’t eat spicy food anymore ever since I had the lapband surgery. Those who like spicy food will like the Sichuan Tan Tan but it’s just not for me. When it comes to Tan Tan, it’s only Ukkokei Ramen Tei for me.

The whole time I was eating, I was thinking that I can easily make the Tsukemen with Double Cheese Sauce at home at a fraction of their price. I guess you can say I was disappointed because I was expecting to be blown away by how good the food there are considering the price.

Form your own opinions on Mitsuyado Sei-men though. They’re at Jupiter Street, right beside Yamato.



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