Frosted Desserts, a must-try for cupcake addicts


Frosted Desserts sent me a box of their best-selling cupcake flavors to review and man, they are a serious contender in my best cupcakes list. I’ll explain this at the end of this post. The cupcakes look gorgeous presentation-wise but what counts the most is the taste, right? I asked my sister and her boyfriend to try it and all of us have different favorites. Below is our verdict.

Clockwise from top left: 1) Tiramisu Cupcake, 2) Mr. Grey, 3) Bibingcupcake, 4) The King, 5) Red Velvet, 6) The Escape

Tiramisu Cupcake is a vanilla cupcake infused with coffee. The center is filled with brandy cream cheese and the cupcake is topped with whipped cream and chocolate dusting. This is one of my favorites because I found its sweetness to be just right. It has a light and airy feeling which is right for dessert after a huge meal. However my sister and her boyfriend said it’s just okay but I might be biased because I love slightly sweet whipped cream. *shrugs*

Mr. Grey has earl grey tea infused in the frosting. Definitely a unique flavor which takes getting used to. The earl grey tea is definitely there. However, we don’t take sugar with our tea so a sweet earl grey cupcake is weird for us.

Bibingcupcake is Frosted Desserts’ take on the classic bibingka. It is a two cheese cupcake with quezo de bola and salted egg then topped in butter cream frosting and desiccated coconut. The sister and I found the frosting too buttery. The cheese is good but the salted egg was kinda hard so there’s kind of like a “surprise” while chewing it.

The King is a banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting topped with candied bacon. This is my sister’s favorite (she definitely has a sweet tooth) because she’s a sucker for peanut butter. I found the base sweeter than desired but still good because…CANDIED BACON!

Red Velvet. You haven’t been going out much if you don’t know what red velvet is by now. For the uninitiated, red velvet is chocolate cupcake in red food color and it’s topped with cream cheese icing. The sister’s boyfriend loved this one although the sister and I would have preferred more cream cheese in the frosting.

The Escape is a pina colada cuptail. It’s a pineapple cake with coconut rum and topped with cream cheese frosting and desiccated coconut. This is one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. It’s just slightly sweet, the rum isn’t overpowering, and the frosting is just right. I could eat half a dozen of this easily!

Sonja’s Cupcake is still the best for me but Frosted Desserts is a very close second. I’ve tried a lot of cupcake brands out there so believe me on this. Like Sonja’s, Frosted Desserts have hit or miss flavors. Sonja’s Peppermint Patty is utterly disgusting in my opinion but I love their Berries N’ Cream and Red Velvet. When it comes to Frosted Desserts, The Escape and Tiramisu are definite winners for me but I don’t think I’ll get the Bibingcupcake again. When it comes to pricing, Frosted Desserts is much cheaper and this is a huge plus. If I’m on a tight budget but have a serious hankering for cupcakes, I’ll buy from Frosted Desserts and I won’t feel deprived.

Now for the good part. Frosted Desserts is sponsoring one of my birthday giveaways over at Mukhang Pera and they said they’ll send over a P300 gift certificate for the contest. So guys, one of you will be able to try Frosted Desserts for free. I hope you will winner will give me feedback on the accuracy of my review once he/she has tried the cupcakes. To join the giveaway, go to

Frosted Desserts
UP Teacher’s Village, Diliman, Quezon City
0926 739 7377


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