Gourmandise Patisserie Eclairs

I shouldn’t have removed the lovely ribbons

I got a huge box of Gourmandise Patisserie’s Eclairs as a birthday gift from my friend Jeni Villaraza. When I saw the box I removed the ribbons at once so I can see what was inside, hence no photo of the box with the nice ribbons. The box contained a tray full of eclairs in different flavors and designs.

assorted flavors

Since it was a gift, I cannot tell you the price of the eclairs but what I can tell you is this – Gourmandise Patisserie Eclairs are now my favorite eclairs. All the flavors I tried (blueberry, hazelnut, chocolate, etc.) encased in glazed pastry were lip-smacking good.

Another bonus is the packaging. The illustrations at the side of the box are lovely.


The box is a work of art!

If I’m not mistaken, Gourmandise Patisserie is in Serendra. I will certainly visit them soon.

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