It’s true! It’s true! Ukkokei Ramen Ron is the best ramen place in the metro!

Tan Tan Men

I’m a recent convert of the Ukkokei Ramen Ron school of thought that they serve the best ramen in the metro. My first Ukkokei experience happened when the restaurant reopened. I wasn’t able to order the Tan Tan Men Ramen back then but I still liked the Ukkokei Shio Butter Corn Ramen (P350) I ordered that afternoon. I said I could go back for it but I read the foursquare comments about Ukkokei Ramen Ron and was intrigued with the Tan Tan Men the reviewers were raving about. I decided that trying it is a matter of life and death and it was after visiting a funeral that Eloisa and I attacked Ukkokei.

We got there at exactly 6 PM, when the restaurant starts serving the very limited Tan Tan Men. Eloisa got out of the car and I had to find a parking space. While I was parking, Eloisa yelled at the waitress that we wanted 2 orders of Tan Tan Men then immediately went to find a table for us. After parking, I rushed to Ukkokei and high-fived Eloisa when she said that she was able to order the elusive ramen. We were seated next to a drunk Korean who was angry that they weren’t allowed to order Tan Tan Men and the waitress kept on explaining to him that they ordered it at 5:30 so it wasn’t possible. Meanwhile, our Tan Tan Men arrived and it was love at first slurp for us.

Ukkokei’s Tan Tan Men Ramen has a nutty flavor which warms the soul. It is mildly spicy and buttery. They serve it in a huge bowl good enough for two but I can finish it alone. Eating the Tan Tan Men feels like running a marathon and finishing it first prize. Eloisa and I felt so elated, I kid you not. We decided then and there that we have to repeat the experience and we will bring friends with us. We will convert them to the Ukkokei Ramen Ron cult.


Ukkokei Ramen Ron
Unit 1-2, Upper G/F, Tesoro Building,
822 A. Pasay Road, Makati City


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