Come to the Manila Food and Wine Festival: Cooking Revolution 2013 + Giveaway

I’ve chosen the winners of the giveaway. Congratulations to the following:

Joyce Gabriel
Michiko Aranzaso
Theodosia Musni




The Philippine culinary scene is in the midst of a revolution. Avid foodies like me are aware of that the scene has long surpassed home coming. In fact, and has gone above and beyond the national level and is about to take on the global food scene soon. Manila Food & Wine Festival will be offer us a sneak peak of this revolution starting on February 22, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds, Block 12.

The event will feature several special culinary classes by famous Filipino chefs. The event’s highlight will be the Celebrity Chef Food Truck Cook-Off where six chefs will face off for our votes. I will be rooting for Chefs Robby Goco and Bruce Lim!

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Join me and other foodies as we cheer the revolutionaries! In fact, to encourage more you to go there with me, I’ll be giving away the following to three lucky winners:

  • 2 winners will receive Manila Food & Wine Festival Shirts
  • 1 winner will receive one Food Truck Face Off Pass

Comment below why you want to go the the MFWF event and your thoughts on the current culinary revolution in the Philippines. I will choose the winner on Wednesday (Feb. 20) and I will choose three of the best answers. Please include your full name and email address. This is open to Metro Manila residents only.

Manila Food & Wine Festival is organized by the Culinary Education Foundation, Inc. (under Center for Culinary Arts, Manila). To know more about the event and how to buy tickets to it, please visit



  • My family loves to eat and we love to try new resto. With this contest battle of the chef now they are experience and well know chef and I would like to know what they will cook on that day. And I hope it totally new

  • Riyalyn O. Gatdula on

    It will showcase the best of the best in all fields of culinary, hospitality, entertainment, culture and, of course, Filipino talent… Tempting treat buffet, gourmet etc.. Filipino chef’s are talented!

  • Who would not want to be part of this culinary revolution? The culinary expertise of Filipinos is not a secret, but MFWF exhibits even more.

    I have always wanted to experience and witness the great showcase of talent, ingenuity and creativity of Filipino chefs at the Manila Food and Wine Festival FIRST HAND, but conflicts always come up. As a student, I always have to prioritize my academic works (SADLY). I just hope they would never get tired of putting up events that showcase real Filipino talent! (until the time that I would be able to find time to be there)

  • Just reading what the featured chefs will be cooking up for the food truck face off…..the sushi…chicken wings…sausages…and even porquetta sandwiches is already making me excitedly hungry. I’m not much of a food expert but one thing for sure…I love to eat and that’s why I’d love to go.

  • It’ll really be exciting to go to MFWF and get to not only meet world class culinary talents but also taste their creations. I’m really looking forward to it because I believe the Philippine culinary scene has progressed by leaps and bounds. It’s amazing to see it happening right before our eyes. We’ve expanded our palate from the typical Filipino food offering to a much broader variety of food and cultures. It’s really great to have Filipino chefs/entrepreneurs not only experimenting but also succeeding in slowly but surely making the Filipino palate more educated and sophisticated.

  • If I will be given the opportunity, I would really love to go and witness the Manila Food Culinary Arts as it the host our very own most admired culinary chefs showcasing their world class experience to the Filipino community as well to learn and be aware of how far had this industry progressed in just a couple of years. Given the changes and challenges that it had faced, I believe our culinary industry had already made a great achievement as it had matured enough and our very own dishes had evolved that is now at par with other foreign countries. And this had became possible thru the endless efforts of our culinary chefs, striving to make us known worldwide.

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