Introducing Krispy Kreme’s Monsters University Doughnuts

I loved Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. I must have seen it a dozen times but I never get tired of watching the animated film. That’s why I can’t wait for the second installation Monsters University which will be in our theaters soon!

Introducing Krispy Kreme's Monsters University Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme came up with Monsters University doughnuts and chillers which will be available until July 31, 2013. I got to to try the Monsters University doughnuts. They are so cute but also delicious.

Introducing Krispy Kreme's Monsters University Doughnuts

These are the variants:

  • Mike Doughnut – Just like A-student Mike Wazowzki, the Mike mini doughnut is made of full-on win with chartreuse vanilla coating and vanilla icing – a fitting treat after the day’s study session.
  • Sully Doughnut – If your fierce school spirit is more evocative of James P. Sullivan’s prowess, then sink your teeth into the Sully doughnut – a mini doughnut with sky blue vanilla coating, pineapple and blueberry jelly beans, and black chocolate icing that form the top scarer’s growling smile.
  • Randy Doughnut – Craving the luscious taste of vanilla? Then satiate your sweet tooth with the Randy mini doughnut dipped in lilac, vanilla and white vanilla icing, and then topped with chocolate sprinkles.
  • Terri Terri Doughnut – If one monster can already knock you off your feet, then try having two of them. The Terry/Terri mini doughnut, made luscious by a passionate lemon-flavored white chocolate icing, orange flavored jelly bean, and sugar-coated brown candies, channels one half of the four-armed, bickering Siamese brothers like a charm.
  • Art Doughnut – For an offbeat delight, go ahead and grab an Art mini doughnut that’s dipped in passionate grape-flavored white chocolate icing, black vanilla kreme and vanilla icing to resemble the furry, purple ball of bad.
  • Squishy Doughnut – If you’re into something sweet and small, then delight yourself with Squishy mini doughnut, which is as adorable as the five-eyed, jelly-like monster, made even more delectable with pink vanilla icing and black chocolate topping.

Remember, these adorable doughnuts will only be available until July 31 so if you want to try them, head to a Krispy Kreme branch near you.

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