High Tea at Raffles’ Writer’s Bar and the best croussant I’ve had so far

Last weekend, my sister and I treated our mom to a staycation at Raffles Makati for her birthday. We had a really good hotel experience and I hope it’s not just because they’re new. Our room package included high tea at the Writer’s Bar so we took advantage of that.

High tea comes with a long list of selection of Harney and Sons teas, finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, fruit preserves, and French desserts. This whole experience costs P995 for non-guests but it’s good for 2 people. We didn’t expect that it would be so filling that we had to have a very late dinner.

Writer's Bar at night
Writer’s Bar at night
ubos na ang sandwiches


During our stay there, I decided to try the Fairmont Hotel’s Cafe Macaron’s doussant which is their version of the dessert fad croussant. I’ve had croussants before and found them disgusting so I don’t know what possessed me to try the hotel’s high priced dessert. Well I’m glad I tried because they’re actually good.

Cafe Macaron came up with 5 variants: Raspberry, Cinnamon, Pistachio, Valrhona Guanaja, and Honey Glazed. I tried Valhrona, Honey Glazed and Pistachio and the latter was the best in my opinion. Their croussant is crisp, flaky, and slightly chewy which is how croussants should be, right? Their version is deep fried so you can feel the grease clogging your arteries but the filling is so good that you probably won’t mind…which I didn’t.

Pistachio Doussant
Pistachio Doussant
Honey Glazed Doussant
Honey Glazed Doussant


Fairmont and Raffles Hotels
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City

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