100 Revolving Restaurant, more than just novelty

When I was younger, my mom told me about her dining experience at the revolving restaurant in the center of Pasig. I marveled at the idea but I couldn’t picture how a concrete structure would have a revolving part. So when I was invited to attend a food event at 100 Revolving Restaurant I jumped at the chance so I would have a firsthand experience of dining at a revolving restaurant.

100 Revolving Restaurant, more than just novelty Dine with the stunning view of Metro Manila as your background

Located on the 33rd Floor of MDC 100 Building in Libis, Quezon City, 100 Revolving Restaurant is the newest venture of Chef Jessie Sincioco who garnered fame for Le Souffle, Rockwell Club and Top of the Citi. This spacious restaurant occupies the entire 33rd floor and could sit 250 diners. I finally learned that it’s not the WHOLE restaurant which revolves. The carpeted outer-ring where the tables beside the window are located has a mechanism underneath which lets it revolve 360 degrees in approximately 2 hours. This is good news for those who get motion sickness because they can dine in the center stationary part while still being afforded a breathtaking view of as far as Sierra Madre Mountain Range and Manila Bay.

Chef Jessie Sincioco Chef Jessie Sincioco

Of course, since 100 Revolving is a restaurant and not an amusement park ride, the food should be just as good as the view. Chef Jessie’s attention to detail is evident. Among the dishes served to us that afternoon, the following stood out for me.

restaurant review Bread Roll dipping sauce

The dipping sauce which comes with the complimentary bread rolls is a hit with the diners that the restaurant now sells it by the bottle.

food review Vegetable Maki food review Spicy Tuna Maki

Their Vegetable Maki (P350) and Spicy Tuna Maki (P450) were very fresh and savory.

food review Alugbati Salad

The Alugbati Salad (P200) with micro arugula and crispy danggit in tamarind vinaigrette dressing was a new experience for me.

restaurant review Smoked Salmon Solo Pizza

The Smoked Salmon and Organic Arugula Solo Pizza (P495) with light pastry crust make good an appetizer.

food review Chicken Cordon Bleu with mesclun greens and fries

Perfectly cooked was the Chicken Cordon Bleu (P750).

food review Dark Chocolate Souffle

As expected, the Dark Chocolate Souffle (P300 for regular, P250 for medium, and P195 for demistasse) was a joy to eat.

There were some misses for me though. I found the Pinoy Pizza overwhelming. I suggest that the topping should be added sparingly so that the crust won’t be lost in all the flavors. I also found the Surf and Turf Sandwich too salty. I suspect that smoked salmon was used for the seafood patty. Perhaps a more neutral-flavored fish will make the dish work?

100 Revolving Restaurant only opened last July so I expect that there will still be a lot of tweaking here and there when it comes to the current food offerings. For someone whose world revolves around food, I now have my own revolving restaurant story to tell future generations.


100 Revolving Restaurant
33rd Floor MDC 100 Building,
C5 corner Eastwod Drive, Quezon City
Tel. nos. 962-1016, 962-5654


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