The Bingo Home Cook Challenge

Here’s a post for all the home cooks out there!

Sometimes, cooking with the most unexpected ingredients can yield great results. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention. With this bingo-inspired cooking game, hopefully, home cooks will be able to bring out the creativity in them and step up to the challenge in creating one, stunning dish – out of random ingredients! Think of it as something similar to Fox’s hit reality TV cooking show MasterChef. In the show, contestants open a “mystery box” challenge and will have to cook using the limited ingredients inside the box.

The game will be somewhat identical to that idea, but instead of using a box, players will have to utilize a different kind of quadrilateral object: a bingo card.

Challenge mechanics

To begin, home cooks should make their own bingo card or print a customizable one on the web over at Bingocardapp. On the card, instead of writing the letters B-I-N-G-O on top, home cooks will write Oil, Protein, Ingredient 1, Ingredient 2, and Ingredient 3.

The next step would be for home cooks to create a list of food and ingredients. At least 5 items for each category will do. So for example, under Oil, items under it could be corn oil, sesame oil, olive oil, groundnut oil, etc. As for protein, it can be salmon, beef brisket, chicken legs, pork shoulder, and so on. While for ingredients 1, 2, and 3, it could be any vegetable, fruit, and spice like salt, pepper, cumin, cinnamon powder, etc.

As with’s claim of enjoying “some of the greatest bingo games that earth has ever created,” playing a bingo-inspired cooking game not only adds a dash of imagination during prep time, it also lets players/chefs call upon their inner Godlike powers to whip up a scrumptious dish. Now here’s where the fun starts: write all the oil, fish, and other ingredients in small pieces of paper. Then, fold them and place all in a small box where they can be drawn. Once that’s done, start drawing out one paper at a time. Keep drawing until one item for each category under oil, meat, ingredient 1, 2, and 3 appears. An example of a completed draw will look something like this: sesame oil, chicken breast, hot sauce, saffron, and fresh oranges. Now, once this is done, the home cook should make a dish out of those ingredients. They can add other ingredients but the five drawn ones must all be used.

Before starting to cook, don’t forget to write each ingredient under their respective categories. This should enable home cooks to remember which combinations worked and which ones didn’t. So after each completed draw, a horizontal line covering each category should be made.

After successfully cooking something good, home cooks should reward themselves! Make sure it isn’t just any other reward; it should be something that one really desires to keep the motivation going. Since this bingo type of game follows the horizontal pattern style of UK bingo, why not get an “accumulating reward” for every line successfully completed? Basically, the idea is that for every horizontal pattern successfully completed, the prize gets bigger.

Home cooks should constantly challenge themselves in order to improve their skills. Hopefully, with this game, they will be able to find inspiration and accidentally make good recipes whenever they need help in brainstorming for one.

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