Dong Bei Dumplings

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Binondo Food Tour my Plurk friend Spanky Enriquez organized. I’ve only been to Binondo a few times and has never eaten anywhere there but so many of my friends keep on raving about how Binondo is food heaven. I braved the traffic that Saturday and took my friend Jenny with me. Our only expectation was good food and lots of it. We weren’t expecting an introduction to Filipino-Chinese history from Ivan Man Dy, our tour guide. In fact, we weren’t expecting a guide at all.

I won’t spoil the tours by writing about Chinatown’s history. I’m writing this entry to rave about Dong Bei Dumplings.

freshly made dumplings
freshly made dumplings

Dong Bei’s is among the best dumplings I’ve ever tasted. Ivan informed us that the owner came to the Philippines a few years ago to study English. She liked the Philippines so much, she decided to stay and open a little restaurant. Since she’s very particular about dumplings, she prefers to ground huge pork slabs instead of buying from the markets (ground pork in the markets usually comes with extenders). The wrappers are also handmade as you can see in the photo below.


I ate a lot of dumplings that day. The two varieties I tasted were chicken and veggie dumplings. The chicken was great but I prefer the latter. I even took home frozen veggie dumplings because I loved it so much. A bag of 30 frozen ones is P200. Cooking is a breeze too because you put them frozen in a boiling pot for only 5 minutes.

The restaurant has so much more to offer besides dumplings. Us tourists got to taste their noodles and pancake-type dish and both were great. The next time I go to Binondo, I will eat at Dong Bei for sure. I’m actually thinking of going to Binondo for the sole reason of eating veggie dumplings again.

Rating: ★★★★½

Dong Bei Dumplings
Orient corner Yuchengco streets
Binondo, Manila


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