My Kawaii Bento

Last week, Dale Quimpo emailed me about my blog post about OMG Kawaii Bento which he owns. He liked it and offered to give me a sample bento. We made arrangements that I can pick it up at the Salcedo Market. So last Saturday, I went there (my first time) and met him. This is what he gave me.

OMG Kawaii Bento
OMG Kawaii Bento

Isn’t it cute? The god is made of croquettes and it came with 2 pieces of ebi tempura and teriyaki sauce. I had it for lunch on that day and it’s filling. I didn’t need sauce for the croquettes because they were tasty enough. The tempura needs a bit of the teriyaki sauce because it tasted bland. The bento tastes like most Japanese bentos I’ve tried but the plus of this one is the visual factor. I will recommend this meal to kids and teens, especially as a meal served during their parties.

Rating: ★★★½☆

To make arrangements visit the OMG Kawaii Bento website.


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