First Impression: Buon Giorno!

A couple of weeks ago, Mom and I went up to Tagaytay to decorate our rest house. We didn’t feel like cooking so we were choosing which of the nearby restaurants to try. I wanted to try Bawai but the owner said that they’re only open on weekends because it’s really a residence. Mom just wanted a quick lunch and suggested we go to Buon Giorno! I haven’t been there but she has when she went with some friends and relatives. I said, “Why not?” That restaurant is always full when I see it and since it’s a weekday, there probably wouldn’t be too many people eating there.

Ambiance, Design, and Space

restaurant review
Indoor Dining Area


restaurant review

Buon Giorno! offers indoor and outdoor dining. The indoor area is fully airconditioned, has a high ceiling, and has big glass windows overlooking the breathtaking Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. Tables are spaced with enough room for diners to move around. The outdoor dining area’s seating is very limited so you’re lucky if you can be seated there. It has a canopy to protect diners from the sun or rain. Of course, the view from this vantage point is better because of no obstructions…except for some foliage. Both areas can accommodate big or small groups.

We were able to get a table outside but it was raining. It was also foggy but I like it that way. There were numerous customers so you can really tell this is a popular restaurant. I guess one of the reasons why people prefer Buon Giorno! to Fire Lake Grill is because the former offers a more casual dining experience.

Rating: ★★★★☆


The staff were preparing for a private event for that night so they were distracted…well, I hope that’s the reason for the relatively slow service. They weren’t very friendly either. Maybe because of the rain?

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Food and Price

For that day, I ordered Croquettes with Mozarella (P202) and Canneloni Spinaci (P280) while mom got Chicken Panini (P202) – she’s boring like that. We were first served a bread basket and the drinks we ordered.

restaurant review
cute butter art
restaurant review
bread basket

I found the bread so-so but it’s a plus that it was served heated. Hey, sometimes I had to request that!

restaurant review
Croquettes with Mozarella

I enjoyed the Croquettes with Mozarella. It was a bit tangy, chewy, lightly cheesy. This appetizer is VERY filling. If you have a small appetite, you might want to skip this, or get the Croquettes as your main meal.

restaurant review
Canneloni Spinaci

I don’t remember much about this. I know I loved it but I couldn’t finish it (it was heavy on the stomach as well). I should have written this review a long time ago! Meh.

restaurant review
Chicken Panini

Mom and I didn’t enjoy the panini much. It was very sour and we don’t really like sour food. The chips that came with it was okay though.

Buon Giorno!’s dishes are very affordable and now I know that’s one of the reasons why it’s always packed. I guess the price writes off the dour demeanor of the staff. Of course, I’d prefer to have good service AND good food even if I have to pay more.

Rating: ★★★★½

I need to come back to Buon Giorno! to really find out how their service is. After all, this is just my first impression of them. Will I recommend this restaurant? Yes! Especially to people who want good food and are on a budget. They can even share the food even if the staff says a certain dish is only good for 1 person. Is Buon Giorno! authentic Italian food? No it isn’t. It’s catered to the Pinoy tastebud and I like my Italian food cooked that way.

restaurant review
Buon Giorno!

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

Buon Giorno!
4 Cliff House
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(046) 483-2102


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