Who’s Big Bad Blogger?

Margeaux Salcedo recently wrote about a certain PR firm/extortionist preying on restaurant owners. She also mentioned a certain Big Bad Blogger who allegedly accepts payola to write good reviews.

Big Bad Blogger ate at her restaurant. He smiled, ate like a regular blogger, took pictures with his ginormous SLR, and paid for his meal. He wrote a raving review about the restaurant. She thought it was a sincere review.However, a few days after THAT, The Firm called Georgia again. “Have you seen Big Bad Blogger’s post?” they asked. Of course she had. “He works with us. We have an arrangement with him. We can make sure that more bloggers write about your restaurant the same way if you hire us.”

How much? Georgia asked. The price demanded: P120,000 a month for a year. “What?!” Georgia thought. “These guys are crazy.” And again she gently declined. They lowered the offer to P80,000. (That’s P80,000 per month x 12 months or P960,000; almost a million bucks.) Georgia still declined.

It gets worse.

Cut to a year later when Georgia opened another restaurant. Big Bad Blogger visits. Again, he smiled, ate like a regular blogger, took pictures with his ginormous SLR, and paid for his meal. This time, though, he wrote a scathing review. A few days after that, The Firm called Georgia again. “Have you seen Big Bad Blogger’s post?” they asked. Of course she had. “He works with us. We can make sure he retracts his comments and clarifies that your restaurant is not bad but really good after all.” For the same price.

I can only guess who this Big Bad Blogger is but that person is giving us a bad name. I am not a big name when it comes to blogging but I know my conscience is clear. I do get invited to some blog events, mostly food-related events, and I make sure that my blog posts about such events clearly express that I was there on an invite. In addition, I write an honest review as I could, whether I was invited or not.

I started this food blog because I love food and I want to share my foodie experiences to those who would read this. I have never been paid nor will I ever accept payments to write a positive review. Why should I? I have money to wine and dine in any restaurant I want. Sadly, some bloggers were not brought up with good principles and will stoop so low for a couple of measly GCs or even a free meal. I find it really disgusting. This Big Bad Blogger, and other bloggers like him/her, should be banned from ever blogging again and that PR firm should be reported to some regulatory board.


Dementia the Elitist Blogger

Read the complete article of Margeaux at http://showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/sim/sim/view/20110122-315972/Please-Dont-Give-Blogging-a-Bad-Name

Thanks to Karla Redor for the heads up.


  • I have heard rumors about this “Big Bad Blogger” for a long time already and its about time a restaurateur stand up and sya something about it. Hope this “Big Bad Blogger” and the PR firm realize that what they have been doing is unfair and counterproductive.

  • My first time visiting here after i read that news about that Big Bad Bloggers. Well, whoever that BBB and PR firm he was connected with, they should stop harassing kasi it seems like parang harassment yang ginagawa nila, laki pa ng bayad na gusto. They should consider other bloggers around who are not after for the money and just blogging for fun and journalling sake. Thanks for the post

  • “Sadly, some bloggers were not brought up with good principles and will stoop so low for a couple of measly GCs or even a free meal.” – Amen to that. There are great people in the blogging community who do it all for the love of food, but guys like BBB give everyone a bad name.

    I’ve heard stories about BBB too and I’ve wondered why no one has stood up against him/her, especially if there is already a lot of people who have experienced this kind of treatment.

  • I don’t understand why the restaurateur can’t disclose the name of the PR firm of the blogger. Playing it safe? And ganoon ba talaga ka-influential ‘yang big bad blogger na ‘yan? At siya lang ba ang ganoon ka-influential?

  • It could just be another review used by The Firm to convince Georgia to pay them. Until we have a name, we can’t really say BBB is part of this.

  • i think i have an idea who the BBB is…pero so long as i don’t have a solid evidence, eh sikwet muna ^_^ but, all i can say is. when we tried a restaurant with a good/positive review from BBB–we got disappointed, because the food was not how we read it to be. @_@

    to Georgia: i hope you could manage to record your phone conversations next time, but of course, just like call centers, just inform the other party that the conversation is being recorded. this is also a good way to avoid such calls–they would not dare extort if they knew they were being recorded. ^_^

  • somebody just commented in my blog as to who he is but I still dont buy the idea…..it could be that the PR firm is using whoever this person is…..

  • Georgia = “z” nag start ang surname nya, and kamag anak ata nung congressman na naging senator. lol
    BBB = Awesome!!!! lol

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  • Well, sorry for them, but i think this wont affect you food bloggers who do it for just the reason of just doing it, eating and blogging, and eating. Same goes for all bloggers with their own niche blogs. This would only expose those who are doing shameful acts to themselves.

    Correct me if im wrong, saying “im a blogger” means saying that “im human”.
    If that’s the case, the “personality” of that blogger is in question and this time a “suspect” may it be one or more people behind BBB, we can still call IT an individual.

    AFAIK not all bloggers can write, take photos and tell stories, They are skills. Skills are tools that can be used for good or bad, this time the bad has made his presence known. Though, i know how you all feels when a “human” commits a heinous(inhuman) crime, same as blogging. There is where our concerns lies. Our being as a blogger and a denizen of the net. Because it is only proper, we are all individuals, and if someone commit a crime against humanity we all act. In this case the bloggers, all humans capable of signing up and creating a blog of their own.

    But no matter if that BBB is as bad as it gets, he is still ONE blogger and an individual — in a sense, a blogger that is different from you and me. Dont let his/their actions bring us down. I just hope this ends soon and the people behind that scam is revealed.

    My 10c

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