Review: Ranchero


On our second day of Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT), we had lunch at Ranchero. Ranchero is one of Pablo and Solita’s restaurants. The couple is well-known for their ranch and their famous meals.

My first impression of Ranchero is that it is homey and cozy. I like how wood was incorporated in the very concrete commercial space the restaurant occupies. The restaurant itself is spacious but the huge tables and metal chairs make it hard to move around. Then again, maybe it’s because I’m big.


tree trunks framing the windows


cozy earthy interior with lots of wood and metal

So the interior design is good. How about the food? Well I can honestly say that I finally found the best baby back ribs in the Philippines…at least for now.

The Baby Back Ribs (P475) of Ranchero is very tender that the meat falls off the bone. The marinade is sweet and slightly tangy and seeps into the core of the meat. The barbeque sauce is optional because the meat is tasty enough.


Baby Back Ribs

Ranchero’s Crispy Pata (P420) was also impressive. The crew already chopped the bones for easier eating. Like the Baby Back Ribs, the pork is tender. The skin is thin and crunchy as crispy pata should be. My only gripe is they served only 1 plate of crispy pata on our table and there were probably 12 of us who had to share it. I grabbed the thigh bone and just gnawed the few remains. *sigh*


Crispy Pata

Other dishes which were served to us were Sinigang sa Miso na Dory Fish (P225), lacked “asim” for me; Garlic Chicken (P395), I found it dry; and Lumpiang Hubad (P225), it was ok but I was too distracted with the meats.


Garlic Chicken


Sinigang sa Miso


Lumpiang Hubad

The food is slightly pricier than most restaurants in Davao but the Baby Back Ribs is worth the price. Serving size per dish is good for 3 to 4 people. The staff seemed a bit lost when we were there.

Would I recommend Ranchero? Yes, I already did.

Metro Lifestyle Complex, Jacinto Extension corner F. Torres Street, Davao City

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