Review: JT’s Manukan Grille

I’ve always wanted to try JT’s Manukan Grille because of the feedback I’ve heard about the restaurant’s Chicken Inasal. I was finally able to a month ago. I was with Fritz, Faith, Lorraine, and Jay and we decided to eat out dinner there.

JT’s is a carenderia-type eatery. Totally no frills. The only decor are the film posters of JT’s owner Joel Torre, an acclaimed actor who hails from Ilocos.

I ordered Pecho (P88) which is chicken breast and wings, and rice. I liked it. The chicken was fresh and tender and the marinade didn’t hide the fowl. My only gripe is that the meal doesn’t come with unlimited inasal oil. An extra small order of it is P15. I also ordered Diet Coke which only costs P35 if I’m not mistaken.


I didn’t take much photos of the place because I only had my phone camera with me.

I was satisfied with what I ate and I think I might come back when I have a craving for chicken inasal.

JT’s Manukan Grille
Valencia corner Granada Streets, San Juan


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