Review: A Tex-Mex restaurant called Chihuahua

Along Makati Avenue is a newly opened Tex-Mex restaurant named Chihuahua. I found out about it when Spanky invited me there together with some other bloggers. I was a bit late and had a hard time finding a parking space in front of the restaurant. Chihuahua is in front of A. Venue so I parked there instead.


My first impression of the surroundings is that Chihuahua has a cozy and warm atmosphere. Judging from those who were already seated, it’s popular among expats and tourists. Since it’s in Makati’s red light district, I expected some uh “unsavories” that night but there were none surprisingly. Maybe on other nights there are though.

The bloggers were already munching on Nacho Grande (P245) and Chips & Queso (P165) while chatting with each other and being entertained by Ines Cabarrus, part of the tandem behind Chihuahua. Jean and Spanky were already tipsy from the Margarita (P195) …tsk tsk. The guys said I should try the drink so I got one and it was HARD. I’m not much of a liquor drinker but I can tell that it’s good and kicks damn well. I couldn’t finish it though since I had to drive. Instead, I enjoyed the nachos and chips. Both comes with several types of sauces ranging from very spicy to mild. There is also a salsa bar where you can make your own according to your taste and a rack full of hot sauce from different makers.

Nacho Grande
Make your own salsa
Hot Sauce rack

When the other owner Elian Habayeb arrived, he told us about the joys of hot sauce and how to order our food. It’s pretty straight forward which is similar to Ristras and B & T. First, we choose among steak, chicken, pork or veggies. Second, we decide how we want it: tacos, burrito, burrito bowl or as salad. Any of these choices cost P295 which is cheaper than the 2 restaurants. I chose burrito steak so I can compare it to Ristras’ and B & T’s. So what’s my verdict? When it comes to size, Chihuahua’s is the same as the other two. When it comes to the taste, it’s comparable to Ristras in my opinion. I still very much prefer B & T’s because it is tastier. The edge of Chihuahua, however, is the hot sauce concocted by Elian called Emilio Estevez. For now, you have to ask for it because he doesn’t mass produce this sauce (although I’ve already requested that he does). The hot sauce has a mild smoky flavor. I can’t specifically tell if it’s mid to very spicy because it didn’t give me the painful feeling of other regular hot sauce I usually get. This is a huge plus for me since I lost my tolerance for very spicy food after my surgery. Elian also made a sauce he calls Charlie Sheen but I think Emilio Estevez is more WINNING. Heh heh.

Elian passionate about hot sauce
The burrito I ordered

The Nacho Grande tastes great when paired with Emilio Estevez. I devoured a big bowl and felt like I was floating afterwards. I suspect the sauce has beer in it…or some other alcohol among the 25 other ingredients.

One last edge of Chihuahua over Ristras and B & T is their music. Yes, music. Elian is a DJ so expect great music while you are there.

Chihuahua exposed me to Tex-Mex food. I guess it is unfair to compare it to Ristras and B & T but that’s as far as my Mexican food experience goes. I honestly recommend Chihuahua for their nachos, margarita, and music – the perfect combination for a fun night with friends.

7838 Makati Ave (across A-Venue),
1209 Makati, Philippines
Tel. (632) 897 0087

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