Review: 360 Degrees Handshaken Tea

I’m happy that a lot of my friends are milk tea addicts like me so when I went to Davao, Andrew introduced me to his favorite milk tea place. The only milk tea I tasted from 360 Degrees Handshaken Tea is their Pearl Red Milk Tea (P35). We must have gone there thrice while I was in Davao and I never tried any of their milk tea variants because I think the Pearl Red Milk Tea is perfect. Not only that, it’s sooooo cheap as well!

milk tea

360 Degrees Handshaken Tea is in front of Davao Doctors College in General Malvar Street. The shop is al fresco but and so green. As in painted green all over.


green green everywhere

Parking is a hassle because it’s very limited. Still, I doubt customers with vehicles were far from the minds of the shop owners when they decided to put up shop in front of a school.



The size of a cup of their milk tea is more like a medium cup. The pearls could be better too but they’re not so bad. They are just a bit tough to chew.

milk tea

happy with my milk tea

I recommend 360 Degrees Handshaken Tea’s Pearl Red Milk Tea if you are in Davao and want a milk tea fix. It’s cheap, it’s delicious, and it’s refreshing.

Photos courtesy of Andrew dela Serna

360 Degrees Handshaken Tea
Gen. Malvar Street, Davao City (in front of Davao Doctors College)

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