I can’t get enough of Crazy Burger

I’ll make this a really short review since I don’t have other photos of the place but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Citizen Pub’s “Crazy Burger.”


This is the Crazy Burger

I first discovered this treasure when Citizen Pub had a booth at the SuperSale Bazaar where I sold my Aromacology products. It was love at first bite! Ever since then, I would drag my friends to Citizen Pub to see if they’ll like it too and they do. The Crazy Burger (P180+) doesn’t come with fries but it’s good enough for 2 people. I’m an exception because I have big appetite and I can eat 1.5 Crazy Burgers.

The Crazy Burger is an inch-thick all-beef deep-fried patty with veggies and has a wasabi mayo with crab meat dressing. WASABI MAYO! CRAB MEAT! Need I say more?

Citizen Pub and Burger Bar
Citi Golf
Julia Vargas, Pasig

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