Chocolate Rush aka Dementia’s day at The Maya Kitchen

I don’t know how to cook nor bake besides the very basic like eggs, rice, hotdogs, and occasionally cookies. I usually leave the cooking and baking to those who have time, patience, and the passion for it. When Ryan invited me to join him at The Maya Kitchen last weekend, I figured that it’s about time that I learn something new and actually become a more active participant in gastronomy. The workshop for that day was all about Chocolate which is timely because of the approaching Valentine’s Day.

I chopped the white chocolate block in preparation for melting them
fresh chocolate is easier to chop

We learned how to melt chocolates and the “what not to-dos”. Water should not come in contact with the chocolate you are trying to melt. You also can’t allow the chocolate to become too hot because it will cause the chocolate to separate and become unusable.

melting colored chocolates are separated from the water

We also learned how to mold chocolates. After the chocolate has melted, pour it in molds but try to be as neat and clean as possible. After pouring, put the mold in the freezer for a couple of minutes. The chocolate is done if you can remove it easily from the mold. If it isn’t, just throw it back in the freezer for a minute or two then try to remove the molded chocolates again. Just keep on repeating this process until all the chocolate has been removed from the mold.

pouring the chocolate to the molds

We got to try coating fruits and corn flakes with chocolate.

frozen strawberry dipped in milk chocolate
chilled apple
choco flakes
choco flakes exactly like the ones sold in Baguio

Choco flakes is very easy to do. You can also use leftover chocolate from your other projects.

We can sell our chocolate products thrice the cost of our expenses. It’s a good side business if you have the time and equipment.

I made the white bear
you can jack up the price by packaging it nicely

By the time ganache was being taught, I already crashed from the sugar high.

chocolate with ganache

My favorite among those we made is the rocky road. It didn’t taste too sweet. We combined white and dark chocolates then added the mallows.

rocky road
Rocky Road

Rocky Road Recipe

  • 250 grams dark/bittersweet chocolate
  • 250 grams white chocolate
  • 100 grams chopped nuts
  • 100 grams mini marshmallows

Melt chocolate then pour in a pan. Sprinkle nuts and marshmallows. Let it set then cut into squares.

We used local chocolate but I find it too rich in sugar. I guess local manufacturers make up for lack of cocoa by adding tons of sugar. Blech. If I’m going to bake, I’m going to use imported.

I took home most of the chocolate I made since I crashed really hard. I made the sister and her boyfriend eat them.

apple coated in chocoalte
"masarap ba?"
I guess it was good because he ate 2 squares

The Maya Kitchen already uploaded the schedule of their cooking and baking classes for the months of February up to May. You can check them out at

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