Craving for sweets in this weather

I’m sorry I hardly update this blog anymore. I still do eat out a lot, more frequently than before actually. I’m just lazy to take photos and blog about my foodie experiences. I’ll try to keep this blog more active from now on.

The lovely bed weather we’ve been having lately has brought about my intense craving for sweets. I don’t know what sugar has to do with the weather but I’m guessing it’s because the more calories we intake, the more our system has to burn to warm the body. This craving took me to Pasig and Makati where I bought a few stash of desserts.

Dunkin Donuts premium donuts
Dunkin’ Donuts’ Premium Donuts: Sansribav, Milky Bliss, Chunky Choconut, and Almond Caramel

While passing by EDSA Shangri-la, I saw a huge tarpaulin of Dunkin’ Donuts for their premium line. They looked really good so I decided to try some of the flavors: Sansribav, Milky Bliss, Chunky Choconut, Almond Caramel, and Quezo Duo (not pictured). The best ones for me are Quezo Duo and Almond Caramel. Quezo Duo is simplest among the five flavors. The cheese flavor and sweetness of this donut are subtle. Almond Caramel is sweeter but not “nakakaumay” unlike the other variants. Sansribav is their version of Sans Rival on top of their Bavarian donut. The “sans rival” tasted too artificial, kind of like eating lard which is disgusting. Milky Bliss is much better but very messy to eat. The milk chocolate shavings keep on falling all over the place. Chunky Choconut is too rich with it’s fudge-chocnut combination. Maybe lovers of chocnut will like this though cos that I am not. Overall, Dunkin’ Donuts’ premium line isn’t value for your money. At P35 per piece, I’d rather spend my money on Krispy Kreme or GoNuts Donut for a few pesos more.


Almond Magnum

Magnum has been in the market for months but I’ve only tried the almond flavor last week. I blame @anton_moral/Eboy/TrollNaAturni for making me curious enough to buy this overpriced ice cream stick. The first one I’ve tasted was the truffle variant which I hated because I found it so rich and hard to swallow. This almond however is better. Actually I liked it a lot but I’d rather use my money on…

Häagen-Dazs's Caramel Biscuit & Cream
Häagen-Dazs’s Caramel Biscuit & Cream

I guess you can say I’m an ice cream snob because I prefer imported ice cream. I admit we have good brands like Selecta, Arce and the artisan ones like Sebastian’s and Carmen’s Best (which I have yet to try BTW) but my ice cream consumption is in direct proportion to my bad moods and I want the best out there to cheer me up. So when I’m sensing a depressive spell is approaching, I fork over P400 for a pint of Häagen-Dazs’s “Caramel Biscuit & Cream” or Ben & Jerry’s “Better Than The…” The temporary happies these 2 flavors give me is worth the money. However, I received really disturbing news lately about Häagen-Dazs Philippines. According to Foodie in the Metro (thanks to @atheista for pointing out the article), Häagen-Dazs will be closing down in the Philippines and will cease operations. I tried calling Häagen-Dazs to verify but they said they’ll call me back. The news is vague on whether they will stop supplying supermarkets and restaurants. I am hoping that they will just close their shops.

Cab Cafe
Cab Cafe’s Mini Moist Chocolate Cake P120

After the grocery stop, I headed to Cab Cafe in Kapitolyo. Cab Cafe is from the same owners of Bacolod’s famous Bob’s (my favorite restaurant in Bacolod. I will blog about this, I swear!) It’s near where I live and I was thinking of getting their famous Pavlova but when I saw how moist their chocolate cakes looked that day, I changed my mind and decided to try the Mini Moist Chocolate Cake. A good choice it was because it is now one of my favorite chocolate cakes. The chocolate’s taste is similar to Calea’s (another famous Bacolod desserts place) imported chocolate cake. Not fudgy but more cocoa. The middle layer is filled with custard which is just right in sweetness. Cab Cafe has other chocolate cakes but I have a feeling this is the best one.

Cab Cafe
18 East Kapitol Drive, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig

Costa Brava caramel cake
Costa Brava caramel cake

The next day, I was in Makati and decided to search for Costa Brava after doing my chores. We were given their caramel cake before and I liked it immensely. I prefer it over Estrel’s. Estrel’s is good but Costa Brava’s is sweeter. Not too sweet, mind you. Just sweeter. I thought the driver knew where Costa Brava is but he took me to Karen’s Kitchen in San Antonio. I didn’t feel like eating their mousse or any other cakes. They’re good but my sight was set on Costa Brava’s caramel cake so I left Karen’s Kitchen with nothing. After driving around a lot, we finally found Costa Brava which is just a house. I was worried that they didn’t have any stock but luckily they had. The 7 x 5 caramel cake costs P500. If you want a bigger one, you have to preorder. I was happy that they had it available so I happily left with the medium (?)-sized cake.

le caramel cake dissected

Costa Brava’s caramel cake is a very light chiffon cake covered in caramel icing. I’m not too sure if the middle is caramel icing as well or custard. Like I said, this cake is comparable to Estrel’s but I prefer this. The cake has no preservatives so the texture becomes a bit heavier after a few days. Still very good though. So you won’t get lost like me, I’ve listed Costa Brava’s address and phone below.

Costa Brava
12 Polaris St.
Bel-Air Village 3, Makati
(632) 896-6872 / 896-1267

My cravings for sweets have lessened a bit and I’m hoping that it’ll be totally gone by the end of the week cos I can feel my trousers tightening. It looks like we’re going to have a long rainy season though. Hmmm on my next craving I just might go back to Costa Brava and try their marshmallow cake.

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