Toki Q – the Philippines first Rotating Barbecue Fast Food Restaurant Review + Giveaway

view from outside

I received an invite from Pat Dy several weeks backs, inviting me to try her latest food attempt Toki Q. Toki Q is the Philippines’ first Rotating Barbecue Fast Food Restaurant patterned after Japanese yakitori restaurants. It features a unique barbecue rotating grill which automates the barbecue process. She said, “The rotating machine makes the meat juicier since the juices don’t fall directly to the griller but instead falls downward to other meats on the stick.” Hmmm something new. So I decided to drop by one early evening and have dinner there.

Location, Space, Ambiance


Located in the corner of Wilson and P. Guevarra streets, San Juan where there are restaurants aplenty, I almost missed Toki Q because I wasn’t expecting that the restaurant is right smack in corner of the streets literally. The signage wasn’t lighted yet but thanks to the big posters on Toki Q’s windows, I realized it was indeed the restaurant. Parking is really hard but the driver luckily found a spot in front of the restaurant since it was still early.

tables, counter and stools

Toki Q’s size reminds me of a container for shipping. It is small with a seating capacity of probably 14 people. The are 3 small tables pushed against the walls and an elevated long table against another wall. The restaurant is well lighted and the big windows create the illusion of more space.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Food and Pricing

Toki Q Menu

For my driver, I ordered Combo 1 plus soup and iced tea (P138). Combo 1 includes 1 stick each of Chicken/Pork Balls, Tontoro Pork, Chicken Fillet, Chicken Skin and unlimited servings of rice. For myself I ordered Combo 3 (P125) which includes 1 stick each of Chicken Balls, Tontoro Pork, Chicken Wings, and Chicken Fillet. I also had an extra order of Kara-age (P75) and Toki-BBQ Corn(48). I liked the Kara-age, Chicken Skin (I ate my driver’s. Sorry), and the BBQ Corn. The Tontoro Pork was overcooked and a bit burned so it tasted a bit bitter. The others were so-so for me. The driver complained about the rice because he bit into a stone and ended up hurting his teeth.

Combo 1
Combo 3
Kara-age (I placed it in the tray)
Toki Q BBQ Corn

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


The staff was knowledgeable about the restaurant’s offerings but I noticed that the cooks don’t pay much attention to the rotating barbecue machine when the meat is being cooked. I suggest that they still look at the barbecue being cooked because sometimes the food comes a bit burned. There’s a bit of a wait because they only cook when orders are placed. This is good since the food is served fresh and hot. Because Toki Q is a fast food restaurant, I didn’t expect that our food will be served in our table but the waiters placed the food there once the orders are ready. However, I was aghast when the waiter placed the Kara-age on the bare table. The Kara-age is just wrapped in paper and toothpicks are used to eat it. Serving it so bare like that and not on plates is quite unsanitary in my opinion. At least the Combo foods and the BBQ Corn were served in tin trays.

rotating grilling machine

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Maybe Toki Q has improved by now and I might go back for the Kara-age. I’ll be giving away a Toki Q  gift certificate worth P200 to 1 reader but I need to hear feedback from him/her about her Toki Q experience. The giveaway is for Metro Manila residents only and I will mail the gift certificate to the winner. To enter, just use the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Toki Q gift certificate worth P200

Toki Q
Wilson St. Cor. P. Guevarra St. San Juan M.M.
Tel No. 4259867


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