My challenge as a food blogger and a quick review of Cow Cow Ice

As you can see in the photo above, I’ve already eaten a couple of mouthfuls of the ice cream before I remembering to take a photo of it. I’m almost always like that because I focus on the food I want to eat and only remember that I want to write a review about what I’m eating when the food isn’t very presentable for photos anymore. Well I don’t want to order another one just for photography purposes. It’s ridiculous, wasteful and tough on my wallet. What I’m saying is, from now on, you will see half-eaten photos of food on Dementia Foodista occasionally. *shrugs* It’s my blog anyway.

What I was eating is Cow Cow Ice‘s Hokkaido-style soft serve ice cream, the cheese variant. I’ve been wanting to try Cow Cow Ice for weeks but whenever I go to SM Megamall, I was feeling cold and didn’t feel like eating ice cream. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (TMCF) offers the soft serve ice cream in a few of their outlets. I buy a lot of TMCF cheese cookies at Narita airport since I love their cheese cookies. The Salt & Camembert is my favorite but I digress.

I went to Megamall yesterday and even though it was raining, I was perspiring. So when I saw TMCF, I decided to buy ice cream. Cow Cow Ice comes in three flavors: Milk – Jersey milk with mascarpone (P130), Cheese – a mix of Hokkaido Gouda and cream cheese (P150), and Mix – this should be self explanatory (P150). I decided to skip the cookie and cheese cake add-ons because we were about to have dinner. I was eager to taste it and forgot to take a photo as I explained earlier.

At first I was disappointed because the taste was too subtle for me and this made me remember that Japanese desserts are almost always subtle when it comes to flavors. I went around the mall with my half-eaten ice cream. I shopped for a bit while the frozen dessert melted. When I finished shopping and was waiting for my sister, I decided to finish it and found that the flavor is sharper. I prefer my Cow Cow Ice semi-melted, I realized. When it was fresh from the machine and very cold, it numbed my taste buds. When melted but still slightly cold, it didn’t shock my buds and they were happy with the food offering. I’ll still eat the thing even if it’s completely melted but that’s just sad.

So my verdict is Cow Cow Ice semi-melted Cheese is a great dessert. I want to try Milk and Mix and experiment with how my taste buds react to them next time.

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