My hiatus and a review of Tomatito Sexy Tapas Bar

I haven’t done a proper food review for ages. I got discouraged from writing food reviews because of the flak food bloggers have been receiving from restaurateurs, food writers, and the general public. I had doubts about my ability to write about food and this lasted for years. I have no food writing background, I didn’t study culinary, I seldom cook food. What I’m armed with is my own palate, exposure to a vast array of food here and abroad, from hole-in-the-walls to Michelin star restaurants, and being a foodie. I do not claim to be the end-all for food reviews. What I am sharing is my own food journey as a person who is passionate about eating good food. So after the long break, I am coming back with a review of Tomatito where my family and I had dinner last night.


Chipirones a la Andaluza

My bar for tapas is high. I figured that since we were colonized by the Spaniards for 300 or so years, we should know how to make good tapas. There are also a lot of Spanish mestizos still residing in our country so there should be a couple of authentic tapas bar and indeed there are. My travels in Spain also awakened by love for tapas and calamares, my favorite Spanish food staple, is my litmus test for Spanish restaurants and tapas bars. Sadly, Tomatito miserably failed me. First, the baby squid was rubbery. Baby na nga tapos matigas pa. Second, the aioli and the chipotle cream were too bland for my taste. My family didn’t like it too so we didn’t finish the small serving. I had high hopes for Tomatito but since my litmus test failed, I didn’t expect much with our other orders and I was right.


I love foie gras especially when it is seared. Fuagras was so-so for me but my sister loves it. That’s the reason why she dragged us to Tomatito. Although the foie gras was cooked right, the shallots sauteed well in Port wine, the crostini was a bit hard and the dish could have used more salt.

Croquetas de chorizo y Jamon Iberico

Another let down was the Croquetas de chorizo y Jamon Iberico. I thought that since there’s chorizo and Iberico, the croquetas will have some saltiness to it but it didn’t. I hardly tasted the cured meats at all.

Empanadillas de la mama

My mama was in tears, figuratively speaking, after trying Empanadillas de la mama. I don’t really know what to say about it except that it just didn’t work for us. It was bland, tough, and we couldn’t finish the food.

Arroz meloso de mariscos at estilo de Alicante

We decided to skip paella and get the juicy seafood rice. I think it was a good choice. Although bland, I liked the texture of the arroz and there was generous mix of different types of seafood.

Salmon TNT

This is Tomatito’s saving grace for me. Eating the Salmon TNT was a delight. The salmon was very fresh and thickly cut. A little fatty, just the way I like it. The puff pastry held a concoction of honey and truffle sauce although I tasted neither, it was nice nonetheless. We had two servings of this as their menu claims, it is indeed explosive.

Based on my past experiences with Spanish food, I was expecting Tomatito to serve savory food. What I got was bland bland bland except for the Salmon TNT. I have no complaints about the interior design of Tomatito but I’d rather eat in a shabby tapas bar where food is better. I also didn’t like that we smelled like fried food after leaving. Will I go back? Probably, but only for the Salmon TNT.

Shoutout sa mga reviews in Zomato complaining about the small serving. Tapas servings are meant to be small. Malaki pa nga serving size ng Tomatito.