Review: Mendokoro Ramenba

I’ve been to Mendokoro Ramenba years ago and was disappointed with the Super Chasu Ramen, an off-menu item, which I found too salty for my taste. I decided to give the place another try though and ordered TanTanMen Ramen and 3-piece Gyoza.


The TanTanMen Ramen (P420) is very rich. It has a very creamy consistency and has a spicy cheesy flavor. I enjoyed it immensely and was even considering ordering another bowl. It’s a good thing I didn’t because I am lactose intolerant and my stomach acted up after I ate. So I assume the broth has milk and/or cheese. I don’t really mind and would eat that again but I’ll drink a capsule of lactase beforehand. I didn’t finish the bowl unlike when I eat Ramen Nagi’s Butao Ramen. Nagsawa ako and this feeling made me miss Ukkokei Ramen Ron‘s TanTanMen.


Their Gyoza (P120 for 3 pieces) was a joy to eat. Its taste is similar to the famous Dong Bei dumplings of Binondo. They were perfectly cooked with a bit of crunch and lots of gumminess. I noticed that the cooks strictly checked the timer for each batch of gyoza orders so no wonder Mendokoro is famous for them.

My Mendokoro experience goes to show that I should give restaurants a second chance especially if a lot of people like the food. I could have ordered something off the first time and sayang naman the enjoyment of their other offers if I cross off a restaurant off my list. Ramen Nagi is still my favorite ramen place locally and Ukkokei’s TanTanMen my favorite version. I will also avoid Mendokoro unless during off hours because I have no patience for long waits. Will I go back? I think so.

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