Review: Ramen Bar Wonder Bowl by Nagi

My favorite ramen restaurant in Metro Manila is Ramen Nagi. I always go for their Butao Ramen with extra soft noodles, mild spice, extra garlic and shoulders as meat. I order extra tamago and mix it in the ramen. I don’t always get to finish the noodles but expect that the soup will be gone cos I love it a lot. I’ve been meaning to try their more upscale restaurant by Ramen Bar Wonder Bowl by Nagi in BGC and only had the opportunity today.

I ordered their specialty, the Premium Butao Ramen (P490), but there were no options to choose the firmness of the noodles, spice, etc. that I love in Ramen Nagi. My order came in quick though and it seemed to be contained in bigger bowls. The broth tasted similar to how I like my Ramen Nagi Butao and it came with three spare ribs with meat that falls off the bone. The ramen was filling. It was flavorful. It was greasy like how I want my ramen to be. But somehow I still found it lacking. Maybe I wanted softer noodles but I finished the noodles. Maybe the broth could have been simpler. I don’t really know. I look at my bowl and there is broth left.

Will I come back here? Probably not because of the price point. I’d rather brave SM Aura to go eat my simpler Butao Ramen at Ramen Nagi.

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